High School Spotlight! La新月-Hokah Public Schools


La新月, Minnesota – a small town with a BIG heart for cultural exchange High 学校s partnering with NWSE that actively support cultural 交流项目s play a critical role in fostering underst和ing, diversity 和 global citizenship among students. They help students broaden their perspectives, appreciate cultural differences, 和 develop life-long friendships. In this blog, we’d like to spotlight one such … 阅读更多 »

Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship


It is with highest honor that NWSE announces the student to receive NWSE’s first Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship Award for the 2023-24 学校 year. NWSE created the Dale Nicholson Exchange Student Scholarship in 2022 to spotlight 和 commemorate Dale’s devotion to cultural exchange, 还有激情, care 和 commitment she had for foreign exchange students. For 30 years, Dale … 阅读更多 »

Two families share a daughter 和 make lasting connections!


One goal of cultural exchange is to connect 和 share with people from other countries 和 cultures. 比斯利的, an NWSE 寄宿家庭, 和 the Rueda Dujovnes family from Spain have taken this concept one step further than most, vacationing together in each other’s home countries 最后 of the 交流项目 this past June. They called it “30 … 阅读更多 »

Celebrating 35 Years of NWSE


As we kick-off the 2022-23 exchange season, we are excited to announce that this is NWSE’s 35th year sponsoring cultural 交流项目s! To celebrate this milestone, we want to thank all the host families, exchange students, international partners, 工作人员, 协调员, 学校s 和 学校 districts across the U.S. 和 around the world that have participated in 和 supported our program 和 … 阅读更多 »

Class of 2019/20 – It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See you Later!


We can’t believe your NWSE program is coming to a close soon! 希望fully, you are already thinking about getting ready for your return home. With all the feelings of anticipation, 悲伤, 和 excitement piling up, things are likely getting a little stressful. 别担心! This is completely normal 和 ok! These feelings should tell you how close you have become … 阅读更多 »

NWSE Activity Guide Part 5 和 竞赛的赢家


Dear NWSE Community, We are so proud of all of you for working together 和 making these challenging times a positive experience! You have created close bonds 和 friendships that will last a lifetime. This week’s newsletter updates you about the NWSE 筹款 campaign, suggests more fun ideas for activities, 和 – what you’ve been waiting for – announces the … 阅读更多 »

NWSE Activity Guide – Part 4


Dear NWSE Community, 正如所承诺的, NWSE is back 和 here to support you with more suggestions for fun activities. We also want to thank everyone who participated in our video 和 TikTok contest – we are reviewing all your great videos 和 will announce the winners shortly! NWSE Tip: Students 和 host families can enjoy most of the activities we … 阅读更多 »

Join the NWSE GoFundMe Campaign to support 学生交流


Support the NWSE GoFundMe Campaign Dear NWSE Community,  The NorthWest 学生交流 programs have been hit very hard by the coronavirus situation. We seek your support to help NWSE avert the full impact it will have on our programs. Already this year way too many of our students were forced to separate from their host families 和 学校s, having seen their … 阅读更多 »

NWSE Activity Guide 和 Contest Reminder!


Welcome to week 3 of NWSE’s activity newsletter! In this week’s edition, you will find more tips for cool online concerts, interesting virtual field trips, ideas to channel your creativity, 还有更多! …. School Closure Video Contest Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Make a video or TikTok 和 win prizes! Simply follow the instructions on our contest … 阅读更多 »

NWSE in the Press – Vancouver Family Magazine


Press coverage of NWSE taken from an article by Dana Greyson, published in the Vancouver Family Magazine on March 31, 2020   EXCHANGE RATE: UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS About six years ago, Vancouver mother Sara Hardy learned of a short-term student exchange opportunity through her twins’ 学校. Her family agreed to host two Taiwanese boys for just 48 hours. … 阅读更多 »

NWSE Activity Guide 和 Contest Announcement


We hope you are enjoying the suggested activities during this period of 学校 closures! 正如所承诺的, we are back! NWSE will continue to suggest cool activities during this temporary coronavirus situation, to help you remain positive 和 engaged with each other, yourselves 和 your program.   …. School Closure Video Contest Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Simply follow the … 阅读更多 »

NWSE March 新闻letter – 活动 for Everyone! -第1部分


Dear NWSE Community, We want to extend our deep appreciation 和 gratitude to you as all of us join together to navigate the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. First 和 foremost, we need to remember that this is a temporary situation. 从这个意义上说, let’s remain forward-thinking 和 positive while doing what we can to meet the challenges at h和 in … 阅读更多 »

The Year of the DS-2019 with NorthWest 学生交流

"The Year of the DS-2019" photo booth

32年来, NorthWest 学生交流 (NWSE) has promoted cultural exchange, foreign language study, 和 international education by offering meaningful 和 affordable 交流项目s for high 学校 students from around the world.  High 学校 cultural exchanges foster international underst和ing 和 personal development, 和 provide new perspectives 和 insights into the world for everyone involved.   NWSE host families volunteer to open … 阅读更多 »

Underst和ing Reverse 文化 Shock


The 学校 year is coming to an end, which means that you 和 other NWSE exchange students in the U.S. 和 around the world are preparing for your journeys home. It’s difficult to know what to expect 最后 of an 交流项目. Like most exchange students, you are probably thinking about the homemade meal you have been craving, 或者…… 阅读更多 »

Stellar Student of the Month: Emilia from Germany


Emilia from Germany has been an outst和ing addition to her 寄宿家庭, 学校, 和 community in the U.S. Thank you, Emilia, for all of your efforts! What surprised you most when you came to the U.S.? I heard that 学校 was going to be different, but it was totally different. In Germany, I’m used to having one class with the same … 阅读更多 »